Friday, May 15, 2015

Special Free Group Join

Hiya everyone! You may recall that I posted some Midnight Mania boards from LaVian&Co (formerly LivGlam) a few days ago, well until the 20th of May their group is free to join with tons of free gifts!! I had joined when they first reopened under the new brand and had the free joining period then, so I'm not sure but I think it's usually $500L to join. But if you join while it's free, there is a room full of group gifts just waiting for you. Plenty of dresses, both formal and casual, some pants or shorts outfits, most with HUDs for color changes so you get lots of variety. The best thing for me to do is show you a handful (or more...) of the gifts I picked up there, so you can see the quality. The gifts currently in the room seem to be fashions from LivGlam from last year, summer and fall seasons, and are lovely!!

First we have Another Riot 3 from the summer 2014 collection, which comes with a HUD with 3 color choices to subtly change the pattern's coloring.

Here is Granny Delicious 3 from their fall 2014 collection, whose HUD changes the color scheme and offers 3 choices.

This one is unique as it has both dress and boots in one mesh piece, with some really lovely detailing :) This is I Wont Dance 1 and the included HUD provides 3 colors.

Please have a peek at Lightning Express 1, which is a single piece including jacket, shirt, and skirt. There is a HUD for 4 different shirt textures, each a monochrome black and white. It's got an 80s feel with the jacket, but a modern vibe with the hardware on the itty bitty skirt :)

For another outfit with a jacket but more casual, there's Limit To Your Love 1 which comes with a HUD that offers a staggering 31 color choices for the shirt beneath the jacket! Brights, pastels, plenty to suit any mood, and the outfit is so easy to wear because it's a single mesh piece instead of trying to make several mesh separates play nicely together.

Here's another beauty, this is London In The Rain 2 and is a single mesh piece. The enclosed HUD offers 3 texture choices for the skirt and turtleneck part.

I love this shirt and skirt combo, Make It Look Good 1 which comes with a HUD for the skirt to change the colors (4 different ones) while keeping the same basic pattern. It reminds me of a pattern I've seen on a butterfly's wings.

Finally, yes I had to stop myself before this post got even more ginormous LOL, this is Tiger In The Night 1 and comes with a HUD to change the colors to your choice of 3 combinations. The top has beautiful gold chain straps, I hope you can see them peeking out from under my hair :) 

I have another busy day coming up tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll find some goodies somewhere to share with all of you :) It's a big grid and there's a big marketplace, so there are always treasures to be found. I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend, and many hugs to all!!

All Group Gifts from LaVian&Co (Free to Join until 5/20):

Photo 1: [LG] Boutique-[ SUMMER14] Another Riot 3 (color change HUD 3 choices)

Photo 2: [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Granny Delicious 3 (color change HUD 3 choices)

Photo 3: [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 I Wont Dance 1 (boots are attached, color change HUD 3 colors)

Photo 4: [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Lightning Express 1 (color change HUD 4 shirt textures)

Photo 5: [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Limit To Your Love 1 (1 piece mesh, color change HUD 31 shirt colors!)

Photo 6: [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 London In The Rain 2 (color change HUD 3 skirt colors)

Photo 7: [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Make it Look Good 1 (color change HUD 4 skirt colors)

Photo 8: [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 Tiger In The Night 1 (color change HUD 3 choices)

Nails: *pulcino* Slink Applier [Poisoned Apple]  $0L Lucky Board prize

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Melea - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Grace Milk 03 CL
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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