Monday, February 22, 2016

Free Dove Hunt - G Sloane

Hiya everyone! As you may know from some of my previous posts, Free Dove is a wonderful resource for free gifts to help old and new residents alike, and they host monthly hunts with 2 or 3 of their participating designers. One of this month's hunts is by G. Sloane, and you'll be looking for 10 tiny boxes, red with a white side with the G Sloane name on it. Tonight I am sharing a sampling of those 10 prizes inside.

First we have a great pairing for the approaching spring, prize #1 is the Bronze Tank Top which has that cute tail in the back. The GSC White Skinny Jeans are prize #5, and I really enjoy the mid rise waist and the slight crinkle at the hems. Because of the alpha not playing nicely with one of my hips, I went with the size medium instead of my usual small and I really like the way it lends a baggy look.

Next we have prize #2 which is their Valar Morghulis Halter Dress. For those who aren't familiar with the world of Game of Thrones, that is High Valyrian for "all men must die" and is used as a greeting in some parts of their world. The traditional response (valar dohaeris) means "all men must serve" so it's not entirely a morbid thing. This concludes the nerd lesson for the night ;) The frightening part is that the only thing I had to look up was to verify the spelling of dohaeris. So this stunning dress has a terrific deep neckline, subtle pattern and alluring styling.

Another great look for warmer weather is prize #3, their Kiss Kiss Top V.1 which I've paired with those cute white skinny jeans from the first photo. The top has a solid layer with zebra-like stripes in glittery red, and there's a sheer layer atop that with bright red kisses on it. Like all of tonight's prizes, this comes in standard mesh sizes.

It seems like I'm not the only one in the mood for various shades of pink lately :) This is our prize #8, the GSC Candy Wrapper Beach Tunic. The colors and style are so fun, and it really does have a summery beach feel to it.

One last look for the night, another delightful palette of pinks can be found with prize #9 GSC Pretty in Pink Shift Dress. The texture works out in a lovely way to have that bold V at the waistline to really accentuate our curves, doesn't it?

Nail note of the night: I decided to go with a free gift available at Free Dove, not from the hunt but a regularly available freebie from Pink Cherry that I believe I've blogged here before. It's their PC Finger & Toenails HUD - Metallic for Slink, and has 8 different colors with a wide black stripe across each nail. Very pretty and great color choices!

I've been a bit distracted tonight trying to make plans with my best friend for the weekend, so I think that's a very valid reason for running late :) I haven't seen her in a few months and I'm really excited!! I hope you're having a beautiful day/evening, magical magpie hugs to all of you :)

All Prizes from the Free Dove Hunt - G Sloane:

Photo 1:
Top: Bronze Tank Top $0L Prize #1
Pants: GSC White_Skinny Jeans $0L Prize #5

Photo 2:
Dress: Valar Morghulis Halter Dress $0L Prize #2

Photo 3:
Top: Kiss Kiss Top V.1 $0L Prize #3
Pants: GSC White_Skinny Jeans $0L Prize #5

Photo 4:
Dress: GSC Candy Wrapper Beach Tunic 2 $0L Prize #8

Photo 5:

GSC Pretty in Pink_Shift Dress $0L Prize #9

Nails: Pink Cherry PC Finger & Toenails Hud- Metallic for Slink $0L Free Dove Gift

Hair: Magika [01] Meadow
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Phraya Tan CL
Lips: Tuli [:T:] Teeth HUD
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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