Thursday, November 19, 2015

Free Dove Hunt - alaskametro

Hiya everyone! I have redirected my attention back to the Free Dove hunts for the month, and tonight I am showing you the delightful gifts from alaskametro <3. They can be found in 8 bright pink purses scattered about the Free Dove store, so many wonderful treats for free! I took a lot of pictures, hehe, so you'll need to click to enlarge each photo below to see them better.

With a minimally made-up skin as a backdrop, I had a great deal of fun trying on all these gorgeous lipsticks from prize #01, "Heat" matte lipstick. The colors from left to right, top then bottom, are: Cerise, Flamingo, Coral, Lemonade, Pool, and Tango. I am showing the system layers, but they also include appliers for TMP, Omega, Slink and Lelutka.

These stunning eyeshadows are all found in prize #03, and are named "Smokeshow". From left to right, top then bottom, we have: Big Sky, Clay, Dawn, Desert Rose, Sage, and Sand. Along with system layers, HUDs are included for TMP, Omega, Slink and Lelutka. The hardest part is choosing a favorite!

More beautiful eye makeup, this time we have prize #06 "Cleo" eyeshadow with a sassy flick of eyeliner giving us an amazing cat eye along with some great colors. Left to right, top then bottom, these jewel tones are Amethyst, Lapis, Peridot, Topaz, Tourmaline, and Turquoise. Same appliers as the other makeup gifts, TMP and Omega and Slink and Lelutka for a wide variety of mesh needs.

Back to our lips with some very subtle beauty, we have prize #08 "Lipstain" lipstick in six soft shades. Left to right, top then bottom, these are called Acorn, Berry, Cerise, Classic, Cranberry, and Rose. We are gifted with the system layers plus the TMP, Omega, Slink, and Lelutka appliers again :)

Perhaps you wondered about the numbers in between the ones that I showed before? I combined all the nails into one large image, so let me take a deep breath and launch into the details :) Top portion, left side is the prize #02 I did a sneak peek of recently, "V-tip" nails in 5 colors. On the right, prize #04 is called "Neon Wave" nails and offers 5 choices of color combos. The bottom of the image, on the left is prize #05 "Chromed" nails, the HUDs provide 10 lovely choices but I am showing a sampling of five. The right side, you can see a sample of prize #07 "Mariner" nails, 10 designs on the HUDs which actually are 5 designs in red, 5 in blue, so all style choices are represented in one color or the other. The thumbnail you can't see as well is actually a solid color, so you can use the others for accent nails if you'd like. ALL of the nails from this hunt are provided in HUDs for Omega, Eve, Maitreya, and Slink. 

Just think, now I have no excuse for my avi to look her absolute best because I have a truly incredible collection of makeup enhancements, for free! As a longtime fan of alaskametro, seeing that they were taking part in this month's Free Dove hunts made me ridiculously happy, and I had too much fun showing all these as a result ;) I hope you enjoy, and that you're having a terrific day/evening. Magical magpie hugs to each of you!!

All Prizes from the Free Dove Hunt: alaskametro <3:

Photo 1:
Lipsticks: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 01 ("Heat" matte lipstick) $0L

Photo 2:
Eyeshadows: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 03 ("Smokeshow" eyeshadow) $0L

Photo 3:
Eyeshadows: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 06 ("Cleo" eyeshadow)  $0L

Photo 4:
Lipsticks: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 08 ("Lipstain" lipstick) $0L

Photo 5:
Nails Top Left: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 02 ("V-tip" nails) $0L
Nails Top Right: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 04 ("Neon Wave" nails) $0L
Nails Bottom Left: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 05 ("Chromed" nails) $0L

Nails Bottom Right: alaskametro<3 FREE DOVE HUNT 07 ("Mariner" nails) $0L

Hair: TRUTH Delphine- gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. GG OCT 2014 Lorelay Tan CL
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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