Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hunting in a Hurry

Hiya everyone! Somehow I didn't find out about a free hunt until a couple days before it ends, it isn't on the websites I usually check for this sort of thing and I actually stumbled across the sign in a participating store and was shocked. It is the Sinner's Hunt - Envy organized by The Sinister Goth, there are 33 stores and it says it ends November 31st but since there is no such date, heehee, I'm assuming the 30th and therefore it's time to HURRY!!! I've found so many goodies already, and am pleased to share a few tonight. You're looking for a skull who has turned bright green with envy it seems, and there are hints/locations on their blog. Lots of male prizes too, so bring your favorite guy, your malt, whoever enjoys free gifts!

The first delightful prize I am sharing is this Envy Corset and Skirt pairing from The Little Bat, a store I am particularly fond of for indulging my secret inner goth side in fun ways. They are #2 in this hunt path and their gift includes the corset and skirt each in standard mesh sizes, in this hunt's favorite colors of green and black. Love it!

This was an unusual gift, that is probably the result of a tiny error on the designer's part but can wind up working in our explain, this is the Envy Tank and Jeans from Moonlitecat Creations and starts out with the system layer top plus an Omega applier for it. The pants, well the alpha layer certainly seems to be for the style on the left with the bell bottoms, but of the mesh and fitmesh versions of the pants in various sizes, most are the capris seen on the right instead. This doesn't play well with the alpha layer obviously, but most of my thighs were poking out without it. I consider this to be a bonus of 2 pants styles in one adorable outfit, and I can easily find an alpha that suits the capri length pants.

Suddenly I felt like a Bond Girl (woman!) in this sexy catsuit from Puddly Creations, #17 in our hunt path. This prize includes the open zipped catsuit in standard mesh sizes, along with the lovely Mary Janes for Slink high. The name is ENVIE and I think this hot number will turn plenty of heads.

Our last look of the night is a fantastic outfit from Dark Water Designs, #24 in the hunt, and it is simply called Envy. It includes the corset, long skirt, and belt each in standard mesh sizes so you could leave off the belt if you prefer or even wear the top with a different bottom or vice versa. As for me, I am very fond of the belt and of the way the corset and skirt go together :) The little hints of leopard print in coordinated green are a wonderful touch.

Nail note of the night: I used an excellent lucky board prize from *pulcino* named Critter, which can be found at their setup at a gacha event type location with lots of bargains from many designers and some other lucky boards around as well. The Slink HUD features 10 very bright colors, each with a thin stripe down the center in either black or white, depending which contrasts the base color best I'd imagine. Naturally tonight I used the green and black the most, but I will show you more of these vibrant colors again soon. Oh and I also have a hair note of the night, as my faaaavorite Truth hair is taking part in a marketplace 12 Days of Savings and you can find 10 variety packs for $100L each, amazing bargain!! Click here to see all 10, or you could just visit their marketplace store and sort by price. 

I hope you're all having a nice relaxing weekend, or if you prefer a little adventure, a fun and playful one :) I am so eager for tomorrow and the chance to just kick back and catch up on some TV shows, my DVR is groaning and I still have leftovers to either eat or freeze. Well, have a good one, and magical magpie hugs to each and every one of you!!

All Prizes from the Sinner's Hunt - Envy:

Photo 1:

Outfit: The Little Bat !TLB - Envy Corset & Skirt  $0L Prize #2

Photo 2:

Outfit: Moonlitecat Creations Envy Tank & Jeans  $0L Prize #5

Photo 3:

Outfit: Puddly Creations ENVIE  $0L Prize #17

Photo 4:

Outfit: Dark Water Designs DWD Envy  $0L Prize #24

Nails: *pulcino*: Slink Applier [Critter]  $0L Lucky Board Prize

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Karlie - variety  $100L Marketplace sale
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Star GG JULY Tan CL
Lips: [:T:] Parted lips {free from TULI skins} Parted lips 1  $0L Marketplace
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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