Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Advent and Wash Cart Sale Deals

Hiya everyone! I have plenty more bargains to show you from the Wash Cart Sale, along with several Advent calendar gifts for you to enjoy. I'm still a bit amazed sometimes at the creativity and artistic talents of the designers across the grid, and I certainly have some prime examples to show you today.

My cozy new pajamas from Plowwies made me want to hang out in front of the fireplace in my skybox. On the left you can see their Lucky Jammies set, one mesh piece with adorable reindeer plus the snowman slippers are included. On the right, I am wearing their Chilly Willy Jammies (but yes, we know who that really is, LOL) in cheerful colors on its single mesh piece. Those slippers are included in 2 versions, one of which has a Skates AO built in for extra fun! $10L for each, and there are other varieties available on their cart for the same super low price. More good news, there is a male version of each set so you can snuggle on a cold holiday morning in comfort and either match completely, or pick a different set so you're both still snug and casual.

Sage has 2 carts with a wonderful assortment of clothing to choose from, so I decided to show something festive and something more for year round wear. On the left, I'm wearing their Paige Candy Cane coat dress, with attached accessories of scarf, belt, and bow in minty looking stripes. On the right, you can see their Ferrari Dress Blue, with deep blue satin plunging into the attached skirt. $10L for each dress, and there are many more to be found there. Also on the right and seen in the inset, I am wearing one of the gorgeous jewelry choices at the Luminesse cart, this being their Jovivi Zovio Choker Set, matching earrings are hiding in my hair as well :) So detailed and lovely!

Time for some Advent goodies, let's start with a very colorful outfit from Cero Style. This is their Davignon Dress Blues, and includes the dress in standard mesh sizes along with that cute summer hat. I think it makes me look younger with the hat somehow. No group needed, just click the correct date on the calendar :)

Mieville Christmas Land also has an Advent calendar with no group needed, and today's gift is this comfy looking Women's Christmas Sweater. I almost didn't notice at first that the red in the corner is a Santa hat, because the pale peachy background almost hid the white trim and poof at the end of the hat, but lighting probably makes a difference too. And to answer the shirt's question, it was naughty of me to model this without pants, LOL, but generally I try to be nice.

Back to the fireplace to warm up all this exposed skin, or is today's Advent gift from GeMyles hot enough to have kindled the fire? This is their Freya Xmas Underwear Set and includes system layer bra, panties, and top, along with a HUD for Omega and Maitreya. Just look at the exquisite details on this, both front and back, and you'll see why I didn't want to take it off. You deserve to feel this alluring, so join their free group and find this gift hidden about their sim!

No nail note today, as I went with the default Slink HUD for simplicity on this busy Sunday morning. My RL nails aren't polished right now either, I need to come up with something to do with them for Christmas Eve though. Pinterest here I come! Meanwhile I hope the weekend is treating you all well, magical magpie hugs to everyone!!


Photo 1:
Pajamas Left: *plowwies* Lucky jammies set female 2 $10L Wash Cart Sale

Pajamas Right: *plowwies* Chilly Willy  jammies set female 1 $10L Wash Cart Sale

Photo 2:
Dress Left: Sage Paige Candy Cane $10L Wash Cart Sale
Dress Right: Sage Ferrari Dress Blue $10L Wash Cart Sale

Jewelry: Luminesse Jovivi Zovio Choker Set PMESH $10L Wash Cart Sale

Photo 3:

Outfit: CERO STYLE Davignon Dress Blues $0L Advent Gift 20

Photo 4:

Sweater: Mieville Christmas Land {CS} Woman's Christmas Sweater- Naughty or Nice $0L Advent Gift 20

Photo 5:

Lingerie: GeMyles Freya Xmas Underwear Set $0L Advent Gift 20 (Free Group Needed)

Hair: Magika // Red Pack // Paisley
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Stella GG JULY 2015 Tan CL
Lips: Tuli [:T:] Teeth HUD
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

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