Wednesday, September 21, 2016

First Day of Autumn

Hiya everyone! The calendar finally shows that autumn is here, but my RL weather is not quite convinced so the Wash Cart Sale's theme of Indian Summer is suiting me quite well. We have reached the halfway point of this round, so you have one week left to take advantage of some amazing sale prices on top quality merchandise. Another seasonal event I always enjoy is the Kiyomizu Hunt, which is in their Autumn 2016 round. You are looking for cute ninja kitties, some of which are hidden remarkably well, like inside other things or shrunk smaller than I'd realized was even possible. Still, I enjoy the challenge and always find plenty of terrific free prizes of all sorts. 

I started out with some cart sale finds, like these cheery t-shirts from Park Place Home, who are also branching into casual clothing. On the left I'm wearing their Women's V-Neck Tee - Be Happy (which reads Think I'll just be happy today), and on the right is A Good Day V-Neck Tee For Her (Today is a good day for a good day). There are other designs on their cart too, just $10L each as these are, and they each include standard mesh sizes plus a fitted version. The cart direct link is in the credits, and you can visit their main store here. I found a perfect match for these shirts among the lovely sandals from the Roped Passions cart, the (RP) Nani Sandals in Pink. They are included in Slink and Maitreya versions, and there are a total of 5 colors to choose from at the cart along with some selections for the guys. These sandals appeal to my inner hippie/Boho style, which probably contributed to the positive messages of the shirts making me so happy as well :) You can find the Roped Passions mainstore here, and the direct link for the cart is in the credits at the end as usual.

More good reasons to visit the cart sale can be seen here, let's start with the sexy NSP Pacific Shores Gown. This is their version #2 (there are others to choose from on their cart as well) and comes in 9 fitmesh sizes, including Maitreya, Belleza, Slink Hourglass, and Slink Physique. You can find the NSP mainstore here, and the cart's direct link in the credits below. I expect that you noticed the dazzling furniture in the photo, well good news - you can find those pieces at the cart sale too. Lacrime dell'anima is offering several components of their Kashvi line, including the Ottoman in Red and Blue (also a Blue and Red version with the color placement reversed) and the Side Table & Decor you see here, just $10L each. The ottoman has a land impact of 3, and has 4 poses each for male, female, unisex, and extras. The side table has the lamp and bowl attached, a land impact of 6, and the lamp light goes on and off with a click. You can find the link for the Lacrime dell'anima mainstore here, and the credits will bring you to the cart directly.

Over to the Kiyomizu hunt, this stunning dress is our prize from #25 [satus Inc]. Their striking Folded One Shoulder Dress Black is provided in what I call the lucky 13 of mesh sizes: 5 standard, 5 fitmesh, Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink. I enjoyed pairing it with another prize, #27 courtesy of [Future Popp]. This pretty Kawaii Choker has a delicate heart held in place by pale pink leather.

The autumn theme of the hunt lends itself well to Halloween styles, and Shiorin's Mart is offering a prize that goes right along with that idea so well. Prize #33 is their =CS= Mesh Ladies Tennis Dress Halloween and is included in 4 mesh sizes (XXS, XS, S, and M) along with the alpha, and just look at the vivid colors, cute pumpkins, and haunted house silhouette! I am very pleased to have found this one.

One more look for the evening, this is another hunt prize that I think fits the Halloween feeling I just mentioned. This is from Sugarplum, #34 in the hunt path, and it is their Mesh Maid Outfit in standard sizes. It even includes a system layer white bra and panties, and the alpha layer is in there too. The cute ribbon choker you see is a built in part of the dress, as is the apron. You could use this as a costume for a maid or a waitress, or simply wear it any day for fun.

I hope you are all having a terrific day/evening, magical magpie hugs to each of you!!


Photo 1:
Top Left: [Park Place] Women's V-Neck Tee - Be Happy $10L Cart Sale
Top Right: [Park Place] A Good Day V-Neck Tee for Her $10L Cart Sale
Shoes: Roped Passions (RP) Nani Sandals Pink $10L Cart Sale

Photo 2:
Dress: NSP Pacific Shores Gown - Singles 2 Gown $10L Cart Sale
Ottoman: Lacrime dell'anima Kashvi Ottoman - Red and Blue $10L Cart Sale
Table: Lacrime dell'anima Kashvi Side Table & Decor $10L Cart Sale

Photo 3:
Dress: [satus Inc] Folded One Shoulder Dress Black $0L Hunt Prize #25
Necklace: [Future Popp] Kawaii Choker $0L Hunt Prize #27

Photo 4:
Dress: Shiorin's Mart =CS= Mesh Ladies Tennis Dress Halloween $0L Prize #33

Photo 5:
Dress: +Sugarplum+ Mesh Maid Outfit $0L Hunt Prize #34

Pants Photo 1: Delizio - Jeans + Applier for Maitreya + Omega $0L Marketplace

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ami - gingers
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. V2 Phraya Tan 
Eyes: * Inkheart * - Fantasy Eyes - Brown (M)
Nails: Slink Utilities HUD
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female-Casual/Elegant 1
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack

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