Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wayward Part 4

Hiya everyone! I can happily report that I have completed the Wayward Hunt in all its glory, and it is just filled with so many fantastic prizes that I am very glad I took the time. It helps to have a partner who is amazing with hunt hints too :) He's got eagle eyes sometimes, finding things in strange places. Well, let's have a look at some more of what I found!

This picture has several different prizes in it, let's start with the hair...the beautiful gift from Soonsiki (formerly Milk, in the process of changing their name to Besom) appropriately named Treasure and comes with a whole range of color HUDs to please everyone. This is actually from the browns, had a nice auburn feel for me though. My makeup (streak between eyes, dots above brows) is one of 12 tattoo layers from The Wicked Peach, each in a different color. The henna on my hands is the prize from .Things. and comes in 4 different styles, fresh or faded, as tattoo layers and a HUD that worked nicely on my Slink hands but isn't labeled so not sure if it works on other mesh hands as well. Of course, I can't forget my snazzy new dress, which is the prize from VinCue. It comes with a color change HUD for blue or black as well as the pretty pink I've shown here.

Here is that above dress in blue, and now we take a look at some more skins from the hunt. This one is the prize from [theSkinnery] and is called Sakura. There is a HUD included for TMP, but as you can see that doesn't help my Slink hands, hehe, and I'm not great with matching skins that don't have appliers. I also darkened my hair since the eyebrows of this skin are much darker. I included my hand in the picture so you could see my watch, which is one of two colors (each in a gold and silver version) from Swallow. Very pretty!

I really like this skin, particularly the face and the brows. This is the prize from YS & YS, Greta in tone 3, and it didn't come with any appliers so I'm hiding my hands. I could see myself wearing a skin like this, probably a shade or two lighter, on a regular basis :)

Another skin from the hunt is from Style by Kira, this is Vivica and has a bold sophisticated look. Again no appliers, so my hands didn't make the final cut when cropping my photo ;)

Finally I couldn't resist sharing this gorgeous wall hanging from [ free bird ] which is a wonderful store for home decor and adorable pets. Their budgies and hamsters are simply adorable, and don't require tons of expensive food. Of course, these cast iron cuties don't need any such thing, just a nice piece of your wall to adorn :)

My weekend was off to a nice start, as I went to a local artisan farmers market, and then played Mario Kart 8 with their second set of DLC (downloadable content) so it was fun and social without being too busy or hectic. So there's a glimpse of how this magpie spends her Saturdays, LOL. Hope you're all having a good one, hugs to everyone!!

All Prizes from the Wayward Hunt:
Photo 1:

Dress: *VinCue ~ Maxxi+Dress (HUD blue, pink, or black with white stripes)  $0L
Hair: *Soonsiki~ Treasure (HUDs include Animae, Blondes, Browns, Essentials, Galaxy, Gothics, Mermaids, Natural Roots, Reds)  $0L
Makeup: The Wicked Peach - Fierce - 6 (of 12 colors)  $0L
Hands: .Things. - Henna Hands Applier HUD 4 Faded (4 styles each fresh or faded)  $0L
Nails: Bella Elephante - Bloom Slink Nails  $0L

Photo 2:
Skin: [theSkinnery] Sakura skin (milk) DB (TMP only HUD included)  $0L
Watch: ^^Swallow^^ Watch Sky Silver (also in Sky Gold, Pink Silver, Pink Gold)  $0L
Dress: *VinCue ~ Maxxi+Dress (HUD blue, pink, or black with white stripes)  $0L
Hair: *Soonsiki~ Treasure (HUDs include Animae, Blondes, Browns, Essentials, Galaxy, Gothics, Mermaids, Natural Roots, Reds)  $0L
Nails: Bella Elephante - Bloom Slink Nails  $0L

Photo 3:

Skin: *YS & YS* Greta Tone 03 SweetHeart - Wayward Hunt  $0L

Photo 4:

Skin: Style by Kira - Vivica Skin - 02 Wayward Hunt v2 (2 other shades, with and without cleavage  $0L

Photo 5: [ free bird ] Cast Iron Fountain Wall Decor  $0L

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