Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cherries on Top

Hiya everyone! I finally had an opportunity to visit Purple Moon and do their delightful Cherries on Top Hunt, 14 fantastic free prizes just for locating the small pairs of cherries scattered around their store. I noticed that rather than deep red, they were a bright dark pink color instead, so I wasn't surprised when all the prizes turned out to be magenta, but I was definitely thrilled! You've got 4 days left before the hunt is over, so I hope you get the chance to go there very soon. I've indicated on each photo which prize numbers are being shown, and then each exact name will be listed in the credits at the end. Here we go....

Something else I'd like to point out is that the Slink manicure I'm wearing is one of 16 choices on a lovely HUD from a lucky cupcake at Baci. The adorable coincidence about those lucky cupcakes (if you aren't familiar, you right click and then click Yummy! and you take a bite, nom nom sound included, and either win a booby prize or something better) is the cute cherry on top of each. This one can be nibbled every 3 minutes, so if you don't win the HUD the first try, just hang around and browse for a bit then try again :) I think it took me 3 tries, which certainly isn't bad.

Wishing you all magic and love!

All Clothing from Purple Moon Cherries on Top Hunt $0L
Cherry #1- :: PM :: Maia Dress in Magenta

Cherry #2- :: PM :: Vivien Skirt in Magenta MESH
Cherry #3- :: PM :: Vivien Top in Magenta MESH
Cherry #4- :: PM :: Linet Dress in Magenta MESH
Cherry #5- :: PM :: Gretel Jacket Faux Fur Magenta MESH
Cherry #6- :: PM :: Skinny Jeans in Magenta [MESH]
Cherry #7- :: PM :: Break Skirt in Magenta [MESH]
Cherry #8- :: PM :: Maureen Dress in Magenta MESH

Cherry #9- :: PM :: Trinity Dress in Black/Magenta MESH
Cherry #10- :: PM :: Rita Vest Faux Fur in Magenta
Cherries #11-14 are Lazuri Euridice -all in one- 
Cherry #11- Rings left and right
Cherry #12- Earrings
Cherry #13- Choker
Cherry #14 Bracelets left and right

Nails: Wyld's Valentine Crush- $0L Lucky Cupcake prize at Baci
Shoes: Garbaggio FREE Sample Pack for SLink Feet $0L Marketplace gift
Lipstick: [mock] Hypershine Lipcolor Demo- Old Rose $0L wearable demo (one of many!)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Eshe Tan CL (group only lucky board prize, $350 fee to join)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Gretchen - gingers (NOT free)

SIM: Calas Galadhon

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