Thursday, February 19, 2015

Somnia Sequel

Hiya everyone! I kept thinking about the fun I had showing you HERE some of the abundance of lucky board prizes from Somnia, and decided it would be enjoyable to share some more so you could see the rest of the prizes. What I've captured is still only a small sampling, since each individual item is on the board in several different colors. The boards change every 2 minutes and it randomly cycles through the colors. So here we go, see below each picture for which prizes it contains...

Above is Hot Toddy in Hot Pink

This is Marionette (top) and Zhevios (pants) both in lime

Here we have Morautia (corset) and Nyitia (skirt) both in lavender 

Above is Oh La La and Zhevios again hehe, both in ice

This is Perky Frost in yellow, and Zhevios in brown

This above shows Pussy Jumper (how cute is that face, and those pawprints!) in yellow with Bunker Pegs in olive

And finally, check out the fun print on Tyrasi, shown in orange.

The nice thing is, not only did I get every single piece of clothing shown for free from the lucky boards, but if you look at one of them and think to yourself, "well I'd rather have that in this color!" that is quite possible that it's available to win. The dress Hot Toddy seems to have more unique colors, such as cream and grey, but the rest are great to mix and match like colors or coordinating colors.

Well, the weekend is almost here so I hope you're all making fun-filled plans! Be sure to set aside a bit of your SL time for a visit to Somnia if you haven't been there yet, so you too can win some prizes. Magical magpie hugs!

All Clothing Shown: Somnia lucky boards $0L
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Brianna - Gingers04 (not free)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Didy Milk 01 (previous lucky board prize, group only boards)

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