Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wild White Hunt

Hiya everyone! Sorry for running late, another busy day today somehow but I am eager to share a few things with you. I had a chance this morning to pick up a few prizes from the Wild White Hunt and boy, am I glad I did! I always appreciate it when the blog for a hunt shows prize previews, especially if they aren't free, because I simply feel better about spending even a linden on something when I know what to expect :) So here is a peek at some of what I picked up...

This gorgeous gown is from #10 Fi's Creations, and I love how it fits both the white part and the wild part with that animal print. The shoes are the prize from #19 Veronica's Secrets, for SLink high feet, and here is a closer view for you:
Beautiful detailing!! That's one really nice thing about themed hunts, particularly a color theme, usually most of the prizes can coordinate with each other so you don't have to spend ages sifting through inventory wondering what's gonna match with this new addition.

I adore the style of this prize from #16 Dahllywood, elegant and fun with that sexy flash of midriff and shoulder baring halter, balanced by the long full skirt. It almost looks like I am dreamily imagining going to an awards show in this one :)

The hair is yet another Truth creation, as I am overly fond of them it seems LOL, and the nails are an SLF&O group gift from Glaze. I am still sporting WoW skin as I have been for the past several blogs, but I am trying to be less of a creature of habit so as to bring better variety to you. Well, wishing everyone a beautiful and fun-filled day!!!

Dress #1: Fi's Creations - WILD WHITE Gown $1L Wild White Hunt prize
Dress #2: Dahllywood Sheet Cake - White $1L Wild White Hunt prize
Shoes: Veronica's Secrets *VS* Wild white hunt heels (for Slink high) $1L Wild White Hunt prize
Nails- Glaze Chevron Tips- $0L current SLF&O Group gift
Hair: Truth Hair Fleur in Gingers (not free) Shown with white flowers (separate attachment) but also comes with flowers in pink, purple, and blue
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. JULY GG 2013 CL (Previous Group Gift, still available but group $350L fee to join)

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