Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween at AsteroidBox

Hiya everyone! Tonight we take a look at a spooky Halloween hunt at AsteroidBox, with 9 free gifts waiting for us. When you arrive there is a sign outside the front door with the first clue (click it for the notecard) and a photo of the prizes. The hunt object appears in the photo too, a box with a folded top that reminds me of a paper bag. The store is part of a small city scene, which you will need to explore for some of the prizes. Each time you find one, there will be a notecard inside with your next clue, a format I really enjoyed. All of the gifts are bloody versions of clothing and accessories, so they are useful for Halloween or roleplay as well as regular wear, depending on how you live your Second Life ;) 

My first look is three of our prizes, starting with the AsteroidBox. Selene Shirt - Bloody. It includes sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya, Petite, V-Tech, and Legacy mesh bodies. The striking Malus Pants - Bloody are a great match for this shirt or anything you wish to wear with them. They come in Freya, Hourglass, and Maitreya sizing with a HUD that lets you choose between 2 metals for the buckle and 2 colors for the belt. Even my glasses are a prize, their Theia Glasses - Bloody, which are unrigged and can be adjusted if necessary. 

This photo turned out wider than the others, so you will need to give it a click to see the full size, but it is well worth a better look :) I kept the Malus Pants on but changed into the Auriga Sweater - Bloody, which comes in Hourglass, Maitreya, and Petite sizing with a HUD for the chain that lets you choose from 2 colors and even turn the chain off or on if you wish. I'm sure you noticed my umbrella too, well good news - it is a hunt prize too! Their Notos Umbrella - Bloody comes in two versions with slightly different hold animations, both of which I am displaying above. I wonder if the umbrella became bloody because it really is bad luck to open one in a house...then again I am also wondering whose blood it is!

I think these two gifts paired particularly nicely, don't you? The outfit is the Carina Corset - Bloody, which I mistakenly expected to be top rather than full bodysuit style, but I like it! The prize includes sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya, and Petite mesh bodies. The frilled leg openings are such a flirty touch, and draw the attention downward to our other prize seen here called Canopus Boots - Bloody. These thigh high stilettos are provided in Freya, Hourglass, and Maitreya sizing, with HUD that offers 3 metal options for that long zipper in the back.

This daring look is the AsteroidBox. Eridani Dress - Bloody, a prize that comes in sizes for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya, and Petite mesh bodies. It also includes a 2-metal HUD for the zippers in front and back, so you can decide if you are in a golden mood or a silver one. It is a very short, tight style that is sure to turn heads, especially if people are wondering where the blood came from.

My final look of the evening is the irresistible style of Powehi Dress - Bloody, whose halter strap is buckled to two belts just beneath the bust to hold everything just right. There is also a side slit for extra glimpses, and a deep neckline for a flash of cleavage. The prize includes Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya, Petite, and V-Tech sizes, with a HUD for 2 metals each for the buckles and zipper. So pretty, and the blood adds the element of danger so I feel like a sexy spy or villain from a movie in this dress.

My day was apparently "headache day" rather than Sunday, both literally and figuratively, as the hockey game I watched had a depressing outcome and I have been rubbing my temples and scalp off and on for hours trying to feel better. So far that score is Headache - 1, Dawn - 0, which would have been a less upsetting ending for the hockey game than its actual tally. I am trying to stay positive and cheerful, mostly by looking at cute animals on social media :) I hope you're all having a beautiful day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

All Hunt Prizes from AsteroidBox:

Photo 1:
Top: AsteroidBox. Selene Shirt - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize
Pants: AsteroidBox. Malus Pants - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize
Glasses: AsteroidBox. Theia Glasses - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 2:
Top: AsteroidBox. Auriga Sweater - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize
Umbrella: AsteroidBox. Notos Umbrella - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 3:
Bodysuit: AsteroidBox. Carina Corset - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize
Boots: AsteroidBox. Canopus Boots - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 4:
Dress: AsteroidBox. Eridani Dress - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize

Photo 5:
Dress: AsteroidBox. Powehi Dress - Bloody $0L Hunt Prize

Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face W001 - Mocap
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Joy - Redhead 
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - BABY freckled cotton candy (system layer for BOM)
Ring: (BENTO)~~Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Ring Lyanna 4:. (Marketplace)
Body/Hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack
All Poses: Verocity (various sets)

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